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Do you know in 2021 almost all businesses are digitalized? Mostly users are getting services using smartphone apps.  Let me ask from you do your business needs an app. You know it too, the many perfectly logical reasons for creating an app. However, there is an inner skeptic who asks you if you can really get any tangible benefit from creating an app for your startup. Well, yes. And to prove it to you, here are 5 statistics backed by data recorded over the past year that show why your startup needs an app. So, know about it before developing an app for your business.

1. Users App spending Set to Pass $100 Billion in 2020

And close to $120 billion in 2019 and counting. Clearly, users around the world are spending a lot of money on apps and that gives any startup a great source of income to tap into. Although we tend to use apps day after day as a normal routine and don’t see them as things that cost us money (a lot of money at least), the statistics obviously prove otherwise. This shows that applications are quite fertile ground for revenue, as users pay small but continuous amounts of money to applications quite easily and for an application that can generate more than a few hundred thousand users, even those Income of a dollar per person can add up to quite remarkable. As you can see, $100 billion in 2018 alone is a significant number and with a strong mobile app strategy, you too can set up your business for higher revenue figures.

With the growth of mobile wallets and other technologies, the friction to make digital purchases is decreasing and people pay more easily as long as they get immediate value from their purchases. If you develop your application to deliver customer value, they will be happy to pay the right price for it.

2. An App Just Cost $2.89 to End User Install, It Is Efficient Source of Advertisement

Without any doubt, one of the biggest costs for a business is advertising. All the various forms of paid advertising, such as social media, native advertising, and display ads, have a high tab and require ongoing cash boosters. In the case of mobile apps, on the other hand, it takes an average of just $2.89 for a user to install an app. Also, once a user has installed your app, they can interact with your business every day and eventually generate more recurring revenue without the need for additional advertising. As long as you have a well-built app and a strong value proposition, just push notifications will get the job done – no additional expense or marketing and retargeting required. That’s why startups with a strong mobile app strategy must succeed in establishing a better connection with their customers and getting better ROI than those that don’t.

3. 83% of People Consider a Seamless Experience Across All Devices Very Important

One of the most important things your customers want is the ability to interact with your business from any device at any time without having to restart the session. They want to be able to see a product on their desk and finish buying it on their mobile. You did a good job getting their attention on the website. But if the time has come for the user to turn off the desktop and leave, not having a mobile application could mean the end of the user’s attention and the user could forget and never return. If you have a mobile application, the user could continue to interact with you in the application or could even send an automatic notification to re-enter.

More importantly, if a user wants to interact with you over the phone but cannot, they may never do business with you again, as in a survey conducted, it was found that for 83% of users, the perfect experience in every device is paramount. to your satisfaction. For a startup, user satisfaction is the Holy Grail and that means you can’t help but have a formidable mobile presence.

4. The Average Smartphone User Has 80 Apps on Their Phone and Uses About 40 Each Month

How much time do you spend on apps every day? Do you ever visit the Gmail website? Or YouTube? I guess not, because these services offer an unbeatable experience in their applications and therefore, we use the applications all the time. That’s true for most people around the world, as a study by App Annie found that the average smartphone user has 80 apps installed on their devices and uses around 40 of them every month. That means 40 different companies they interact with every month on their smartphones alone.

The applications’ ease of use and moving quality along with their immersive user experiences make them an irresistible force, inviting users to interact with them no matter where they are. Due to these attributes, mobile applications have exploded in popularity over the last decade, making users extremely comfortable with the idea of ​​making purchases and spending money on applications. You can take advantage of this by creating an app that makes it easy for users to interact with your brand and generate revenue. Even in companies that don’t need an app for direct revenue, apps provide the most reliable channel for customer interaction and service, helping users to have a great experience with your brand and become more loyal customers. and they spend more.

5. 90% People Who Enjoyed A Brand’s Mobile Interaction Will Buy From That Brand Again

Since mobile apps have become such an important part of users’ daily lives, it also follows that these app experiences greatly influence their impressions and decisions. App Annie found that 90% of people who enjoyed an app interaction with a business will continue to buy from that business again. The same report also states that 62% of people who had a bad experience on a mobile device will never buy from that brand again. So it’s an equation that works both ways actually. The consensus is that to get your customers back to doing business, having a good mobile app can make a big difference.

Wrapping Up

I could give you several other reasons to create a mobile app for your startup, but statistics speak louder than opinions and that’s why you have them: 5 data-backed reasons why your startup needs to invest in a mobile app. Despite being a very busy application market, your customers will always need a reliable way to interact with your brand and a mobile application is a perfect fit for their needs.

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