How mobile sales app can help small and medium enterprises in increasing sales?

It is seemed similar challenge for companies of all industries and sizes, find the best way to increase sales.

Often small and medium enterprises are limited to small sales teams, So, they can get competitive advantages by using apps aimed at increasing sales.

A good mobile sales tool will amplify your sales process for outside sales, allowing you to increase your reach and effectiveness on the go. These tools give you access to your sales information on the go in a streamlined interface that focuses on simplifying the process while remaining as functional as possible.

You can use mobile sales apps are scaled-down versions of regular programs, which provide you with as much functionality as you may need on the go. These tools amplify your sales process, allowing you to increase your reach and effectiveness. It gives you access to your sales information while simplifying the process and remaining as functional as possible. Here is a guide with the most popular sales tools you can use on your phone:

There are 6 ways to increase small and medium enterprises sales using sales apps.

1. Plan and Optimize Routes

When working in a small sales team, it’s really important that every salesperson is as efficient as possible. For this reason, planning and optimizing routes are critical. So, You will be able to spend less time driving and on administrative tasks and more time on closing deals.

Furthermore, CRM and Calendar integrations allow you to get the most out of the other apps that your sales team uses

2. Manage Customer Relationships

Repeat business is important in all organizations, but for small and medium enterprises, it’s particularly important to build great relationships with clients.

A CRM tool like Salesforce will help you manage these relationships to gain customer loyalty and automate sales processes. I’d also recommend using a survey tool like SurveyMonkey to measure customer satisfaction.

3. Improve team communication

Just like in every type of organization, employees at SMEs need to be able to communicate effectively. Take advantage of a tool like Slack, which can easily be integrated with other productivity tools, including your calendar and Google Drive.

4. Speed up the paperwork

In a relatively small team, the last thing you want to do is waste time on paperwork. I suggest investing in a tool that lets you send and receive signed documents virtually.

HelloSign, PandaDoc, and DocuSign are all great options for this.

5. Manage Tasks and Projects

There are several types of apps that will allow you to save time on planning meetings and managing tasks and projects. Make sure you are taking advantage of Google’s G Suite apps including Drive, Calendar, Meet, and Docs, which let you easily collaborate with your colleagues.

I’d also suggest using Asana, which is perfect for creating and managing projects.

6. Manage Emails

Finally, working in sales or marketing at small and medium enterprises, you’ll need a tool to schedule emails and track your recipients’ behavior. Boomerang and MailChimp are two of the most popular tools for this purpose.

Here are also some other mobile sales tools categories and examples that compared in the guide above:
  • Social selling tools allow you to focus on individuals by connecting you to the right people and letting them connect to you too.
  • Video meeting software allows you to have a video conference call with other people, using your phone’s camera and microphone to interact with users.
  • Calendar scheduling tools handle all your scheduling needs, letting users schedule their calls and appointments with you and automatically booking them in your calendar without your direct interaction.
  • Digital signature software allows you and your users to sign and collect signatures online that are legally-binding, from anyone, anywhere.
  • Mobile sales presentation tools allow you to create, send, and display business proposals on your mobile devices.

If you would like to get all sales app functions in a single CRM system or want to get a sales management app for your small and medium enterprises then feel free to contact us and get the best price quote. We would love to hear from you.